Balmoral Hall School is Winnipeg's only daycare-to-Grade 12 girls boarding school that offers a STEAM education beyond the classroom.

In 1901, Winnipeg was a remote city with few options for girls' education. But for a group of entrepreneurial parents, that didn't stop them from securing a national-calibre education for their daughters.



Balmoral Hall School, UpHouse




Identity, Editorial, Strategy

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Visual Identity

The Carpe DC identity is inspired by its origin, Carpe Diem. It is a Latin phrase, usually translated as "seize the day," taken from a book of the Roman poet, Horace.

To maintain the Latin theme, Seals began researching the era of Horace, and developed a mosaic theme/aesthetic from their findings.


Editorial and Strategy

For BHS, Seals designed a book of brand guidelines. In collaboration with UpHouse, we created an identity, from brand values to campaigns and photo styling, to make sure they don’t stray off brand.


BH Bold Campaign


In Use

From time to time, we like to check in on our clients, and see how they’re doing, how our work is holding up, and so on. BHS has done quite a bit since we completed this project, and their hockey team is really loving it.