Bow Paper Scissors is a luxury gift wrapping company skilled in the art of presentation.

Aside from gifts for individual, corporate, and editorial uses, they also specialize in interior styling, and are able to create a pop-up bar to enhance your in-store experience.



Opare Densua




Identity, Digital, Print, Type Design


Visual Identity

The logo for Bow Paper Scissors was inspired by their beautiful presentation, where at first, you may be intrigued by the shine, but the true beauty is in the details. The same goes for this logo. While the letterforms, may seem sleek and modern from afar, when you take a closer look these letterforms have terminals inspired by the edges of cut ribbons.

To top off the wordmark, Seals created an icon inspired by ribbon cutting scissors, a bow, and a sideways ‘B.’


Font Family

There are hundreds of thousand of fonts out there, and while we discovered some really beautiful ones, they were simply too perfect.

The brand needed something that was whimsical, classy, handmade, and crafty. That why we developed this font family, called Grateful. Made with 3 weights this family can be used at a variety of sizes.


Web Design

From the ribbon to the wrapping paper, all of the BPS supplies are handmade. To match this classy handmade aesthetic, Seals selected calligraphic typefaces to complement the bespoke typeface.

The bespoke typeface was specifically used for the primary headline of each page, placed on top of golden brush strokes inspired by their most popular wrapping selection.