Compass is a real estate technology company that provides software to real estate agents to eliminate busy work and help them become more efficient.

Founded in 2012, Compass is the first company to have built a proprietary mobile app for real estate agents.





2015-16, 2018-19




Branding Agents

With the belief that their brand is just as important as that of the realtor supporting and promoting it, these are identities made for local DC agents, and some of their projects.

Each identity is designed based on a brand questionnaire, in which we ask for personal details about each realtor. For example, we ask about their taste in fashion, home decor, and much more.


Cahill Tully Crossland

Cahill Tully Crossland is an award-winning team of motivated and energetic realtors operating in the D.C. Metro area. Playing off of the symmetry in their initials, Seals create


Yannick Ince

Specializing in residential real estate for over four years, Yannick primarily works with first-time home buyers, investors and new construction properties. With the goal of highlighting his personality, Seals designed a sort of monogram inspired by his nautical fashion sense using the maritime flags symbolizing the letters ‘Y’ and ‘I.’


Irene Wertheimer

Irene Wertheimer has been the realtor of choice for countless clients looking to make the dream of buying a home into a reality. With a fashion sense defined by her classic and bold (but monochromatic) attire, Seals developed a logo with some flare.


Cheryl Kurss

For many years, Cheryl practiced law before becoming a Realtor, and her legal training has made her an outstanding advocate for her clients. And her passion for life, for people, for helping others is what inspired this heartfelt logo.


Dana Rice

Dana Rice is a realtor that understands the importance of a personal brand. During the design process, she asked that, while all Compass agents get a custom monogram, she wanted something that would stand out among the rest.

While it’s still, technically, a monogram, Seals created an abstract mark inspired by ornamental forms found in architectural salvage by combining 4 ‘D’s.


1453 Girard


1721 P Street

1721 P Street is a townhouse located in Northwest D.C. that has been converted into individual units. For the logo, we used the number 2 as the 7 to create symmetry in the logo.


Deborah Charlton

Deborah is one of the few realtors I’ve worked with who knows who she is and what she wants. When she approached us about her designing, she wanted no fuss. Only that it be a double entendre, with her initials being ‘DC’ and her selling in ‘DC.’


Ellie Shorb

Ellie’s enthusiasm and experience combine to bring homeowners and buyers the support and expertise they critically need. To better represent who she is, Seals created a monogram that, while professional in its appearance, shows her enthusiasm in its rhythmic forms.


Toni A. Ghazi


Bulka/Peters Residential

Bulka/Peters is a very fashionable real estate duo who wanted something to represent their fashion sense and personality. Something “more Armani, less Versace,” and “not too gay.” We developed a mark reminiscent of a luxury fashion house, and they loved it.


Shaeffer Parmet

Shaeffer Parmet is a team that gives there all. Their marketing consists of a handwritten letter personally delivered to your doorstep. That’s why we created a mark perfect for their print and digital marketing.