Farm Service is a leader in the custom soil manufacturing industry.

They create custom planting soil mixes for suburban laws, baseball fields, rooftop gardens, and more. They have a wide variety of clients ranging from your next door neighbor's garden to the White House lawn. For their 35th anniversary, they decided it was time for a rebrand, as their previous logo relates to construction—a service they provided (but no longer do) for some time after their founding in 1980.



Farm Service, Inc.




Identity, Fashion, Miscellaneous


Visual Identity

The new logo, has many elements relating to the different environments that this company serves, as well as an added dose of symbolism. Mainly, the logo consists of a green thumb, as well as rural and suburban lawns with urban industrial applications in the background.

The cards are inspired by a combination of things I've seen working for the since I was little; the front of the cards are inspired by keys found on graphs from soil anaylis results; the back side is inspired by the grounds of the operation as well as some surrounding properties.


Fashion Design

The primary goal for this project was to create a single icon that would work for all 12 of center’s subsidiary organizations, and then finding a way to differentiate them from each other.

This was accomplished by assigning a unique color to each organization, that would be seen throughout their unique brand.


Web Design

Beyond simple color changes, these differences can be seen in the collateral Seals developed. For example, Theater J really wanted to be seen as more avant garde, so for one of their seasonal program covers, we applied a black and white half-tone filter to the images. Or for the Film Festival, we turned the pieces of the EDCJCC logo into cut film strips.

You can see more of these differences in the products below.


Fashion and Merchandise