Industrial Metals is a Winnipeg-based metal recycler that serves the stewards of scrap — the people who put in the extra effort to divert useful materials from the landfill.

In 1901, Winnipeg was a remote city with few options for girls' education. But for a group of entrepreneurial parents, that didn't stop them from securing a national-calibre education for their daughters.



Industrial Metals, UpHouse




Identity, Editorial, Illustration


Visual Identity

The Industrial Metals logo is a combination of who they are and what they do. On one hand, they’re a foundry/factory. Using the icon that most commonly represents a foundry/factory, we deconstructed it, removing the negative connotation of a smoke stack, and turning this symbol into an ‘I’ ‘M’ monogram.

The colors for Industrial Metals were inspired metal and how it reacts to certain temperatures. In terms of common metals, like steel, the base color is a neutral grey. But when heated, it turns a bright red-orange, and blue as it cools.


Editorial and Strategy

For Industrial Metals, Seals designed a book of brand guidelines. In collaboration with UpHouse, we created an identity, from brand values to campaigns and photo styling, to make sure they don’t stray off brand.


Icons and Illustration

As previously mentioned, the Industrial Metals logo is a deconstructed version of the symbol for a foundry/factory. We turned those deconstructed pieces into an illustrative collection of scrap metal to be used in posters and flyers.