Khoi Vinh is a graphic designer, blogger, former Design Director for The New York Times, Adobe principal, and Adobe XD lead.

In preparation for his upcoming lecture organized by AIGA DC, Seals was commissioned to create a series of social media banners, posters, a Snapchat Geofilter, and a bespoke typeface.



AIGA DC, University of the District of Columbia




Identity, Print, Social, Type Design

placeit (51).png

Visual Identity

To highlight Khoi’s momentous career, Seals crafted custom lettering based on the logos of The New York Times and Adobe. For lettering inspired The New York Times logo, we eliminated many of the extraneous embellishments, that cannot be seen at small sizes, to complement the bold minimalism of the bespoke typeface inspired by the Adobe ‘A’.


Bespoke Typeface

As previously mentioned, inspired by the iconic Adobe ‘A', Seals developed a bespoke typeface that was used on everything from the reserved seating signage to the price cards of the merchandise.


Digital and Print

Inspired by the tactile nature of The New York Times and the tech world of Adobe, Seals created a series of web/social media banners and Instagram ads to promote the event.

After falling in love with the digital collateral designed for the lecture, Khoi Vinh requested that we design some posters in the same style for his office at Adobe.


Instagram Post

Snapchat Geofilter