We Were There is a DC weekly newsletter that showcases local events, from football games to early morning sober parties.

In 1901, Winnipeg was a remote city with few options for girls' education. But for a group of entrepreneurial parents, that didn't stop them from securing a national-calibre education for their daughters.



We Were There




Identity, Campaign, Fashion, Illustration


Visual Identity

As they begin the process of expanding to other cities throughout the U.S., an identity was created to fit each city.

Seals create an identity that, while vibrant, is inspired by the sentimentality of travel. It’s based on this idea that wherever one goes, we take a piece of that place with us, and leave a piece of ourselves with it.

That’s why this identity is meant to be destroyed and rebuilt over time.

For example, for the newsletter, Seals created a banner of the logo, and every week, the logo would be covered up by something else. Maybe it’s a sticker from a baseball game, a name tag from a networking event, or a piece of graffiti from a D.C. native.

It can be whatever the community makes it.


Also, we thought it would be a little…off for a blog/newsletter to have a business card. So instead, Seals came up with this DIY series of postcards covered in stickers and graffiti with the name and website on either side.


Brand Campaign

To promote the brand, Seals developed a print campaign against FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).


Fashion Design

As previously mentioned, the identity is meant to be customized, vandalized, however you’d like to describe it. The same goes for the merchandise. We Were There hands out merch at specific events and made for those specific events. Like the 2017 Women’s March t-shirt graffitied over the logo.